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February 12, 2015
Window Light
February 24, 2015
Uncovered:     Hello Ashlynn, as part of introducing you to the world of Uncovered Magazine, we would like to ask you some questions.  Is that okay?
Ashlynn:          Of course! I love answering questions. I’ve always considered myself an open book. 

Uncovered:        Where are you from?

Ashlynn:             I grew up in northern California, in a small city called Paradise.
Uncovered:        What is your favorite thing about there?
Ashlynn:             I will always be in love with the nature of northern California! I grew up around trees of all sorts and beautiful clear rivers.
                             There are beautiful landscapes wherever you look! 
Uncovered:        When did you start modeling?
Ashlynn:             I started modeling about a year ago, the summer of 2014. I’ve always admired models and dreamed of one day becoming one.
                             I discovered that I am naturally talented behind the camera, and have fallen in love with modeling and photography. 
Uncovered:        When you expressed interest in working with C.Mirene, what was it that made you want to work with him?
Ashlynn:             A friend of mine sent me his facebook page and when I checked out his work, I was intrigued and impressed.
                             His nude artwork images were so breathtakingly beautiful and very creative. Just looking through his photos made me
                             interested in working with him. After speaking with him through messages and after meeting in person, he proved to
                             be very professional, kind, and talented! 
Uncovered:        What do you like to do when you’re not modeling?
Ashlynn:             As well as modeling in photo shoots, I also work as a webcam model. When I am not modeling I like to spend my time
                             with my boyfriend and with my close friends. I like being social and I am all about surrounding myself with positive energy
                             and great people. 
 Webcam sites: Ashlynn Zavvy on MyFreeCams 
                         Ashlyn Zavvy on Cam Models
                         Ashlynn Zavvy on chaturbate
Uncovered:        Do you have any specific goals for your life at this point, that you’d like to share?
Ashlynn:             Right now I am trying to advance my modeling career by shooting more and expanding my portfolio. In the future,
                             I have plans on going to graduate school to obtain a masters in counseling and become a licensed sex therapist. I like to dream big! 
Uncovered:        Covered or Uncovered?
Ashlynn:             Uncovered, always! (Unless it is cold!) 
Uncovered:        If you were on an island and could only bring 3 things, what would you bring with you, and why?
Ashlynn:             The three items I would bring would be chapstick, my boyfriend, and a lighter.  
                             I passionately desire moisturized lips at all times.  My boyfriend keeps me sane, positive, and sexually satisfied. 
                             Lastly, I’ve never started a fire with natural elements, so a lighter would be my tool of choice to make life easier.
Uncovered:        When we met and worked with you, you seemed like a very nice and kind person, with a great smile.  Was that an act?
                             Ha – just kidding.  What would you like to share with Uncovered readers that you would like them to know?
Ashlynn:             It was not an act at all! I am a very enthusiastic and I thrive off of positiveness and kindness.
                             I would not live my life any other way than with genuine respect and kindness to others.
                             I would love for Uncovered readers to know that I am 100% real and that I appreciate everyone who enjoys my work! 
Uncovered:        If there was a movie produced about your life, who would play you and why?
Ashlynn:             Mila Kunis! She has the ability to be cute, sexy, and intelligent at the same time!
Uncovered:        Do you like to fly in airplanes?
Ashlynn:             I love traveling, but unfortunately airplanes make me a bit nauseous. Motion sickness sucks! 
Uncovered:        Have you ever been on a boat?
Ashlynn:             I have, and boats also tend to make me sick. My favorite method of transportation would have to be walking! 
Uncovered:        What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?
Ashlynn:             Recently my cat has learned to play fetch! I am a crazy cat lady at heart, so playing fetch with my cat was
                             hilariously entertaining for me! 
Uncovered:        We see you have some sunflowers and the state of California tattooed on your one thigh.  Tell us one thing that you
                             like about sunflowers and/or California.
Ashlynn:             Sunflowers intrigue me for many reasons. I love their color, yellow is my favorite. Sunflowers can grow to be so
                             huge and beautiful. Sunflower seeds are pretty awesome as well! When I lived in California, my childhood kitchen
                             was decked out in sunflower decorations. For me a tattoo was necessary, I needed to incorporate them as art on my body. 
Thank you so much Ashlynn for talking with us and sharing with the Uncovered readers in this Q&A session – along with sharing the wonderful images.  We look forward to seeing big things from you in the future!
Best wishes to you Ashlynn!

One of the best things about doing what I do, is meeting all of the extremely cool and interesting people.

And, those people I meet that want to work with me – are simply amazing, courageous, adventurous, and wonderful people.

I can’t thank them enough for their interest and willingness!

Thank you very much for looking at our work!  🙂

C. Mirene

C. Mirene
C. Mirene
Some art books are available here: Some of his work has been exhibited and sold in gallery exhibitions, and also published in other online magazines. C.Mirene can be found online on quite a variety of model/photographer networking sites. He periodically travels to shoot, or shoots when he travels. In the past few years he has done some work with models in Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Montreal. He is currently based in Toledo, Ohio. "I have been shooting since my high school graduation when my grandparents gave me my first Canon camera. One of the best parts of doing what I do now is getting to meet and work with all of the wonderful, artistic, courageous, and amazing models/artists/people that I am so fortunate to create with. I also like to paint, draw, and write poetry when I feel it, but mostly I like to travel when I can, and just enjoy life."