From A to Z – with Ashlynn Zavvy
February 19, 2015
Bound and Tattooed
March 7, 2015


I’m really just your average girl who loves to eat good food, go for long hikes, hang out with close friends and travel as much as possible!

Recently, I’ve stumbled across Tess Holliday. She truly inspires me to love myself every day. I also get a lot of inspiration from models I see on Instagram, mostly because they’re real women that are self made, like Alysha Nett. God, she’s amazing!

My boyfriend is a photographer, so from time to time he asks me to model for him for inspiration. In the beginning I was never that comfortable with being in front of the camera, but it’s starting to feel more natural with each time he asks me to model. It’s also really helping me be comfortable in my own skin!

My greatest passions are being outdoors — no matter what I may be doing — and live music. There’s something so magical about it, right?

Another one of my passions is hair; I’m in school right now to become a cosmetologist!

I’m not quite one to brag but I did make the dean’s list nearly every semester in college! That’s something I’m really proud of, even if it makes me sound like a nerd. Currently, I’m the president of my beauty school. I’m a bit of a scholar, if I do say so myself. And sometimes sarcastic.

With this shoot we aimed to create a natural vibe, like the one present when home alone or with a lover. I used washed out tones to bring out the models moods and to set a sensual deep mood. Lighting was kept natural using only window light. – Jesse Murch

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