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December 23, 2013
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December 25, 2013

Top Notch Tawny

Born and raised in the Los Angeles Area. Ryan took his first photography class in high school, a Black and White 35mm film Darkroom class and was hooked. After dipping into graphic design, he kept coming back to photography.

Tawny in Bed for Uncovered

Ryan moved to Portland, OR for a couple years to engulf himself in a culture where art is truly appreciated. While there he took more photography and design classes in college. Ultimately Ryan missed his family, friends and beautiful Southern California and moved back in 2011. After numerous compliments on his work, this year Ryan decided to take it to the next level, and pursue his dream to make money doing what he love everyday.

I was always afraid to shoot portraits when I first learned photography. I never felt like I’d be able to make someone look really good. I dived head first into breaking that fear this year. I started shooting friends and aspiring models multiple times a week on top of my already full time job. I didn’t make a dime and was worked hours into the nights before getting up for work at 5 am every day. I neglected friends, video games, TV, and anything else I could spend my time doing that wasn’t my day job or improving my photography skills. Now just under a year later, I am booked for shoots every week.

Tawny at the Beach

I have had the pleasure of shooting many beautiful women, but also some great engagements, family photos, conceptual photos, as well as a couple of really well known bands. I hope to never be locked down to portraits only and I continue to widen my skills. Either way, portraits evoke emotion from the viewer because they relate to the model in whichever way suits their life experiences. That is just plain powerful.

Tawny's Great SmileTo me there is like nothing like creating art by using the world all around you. Whether that be people, nature, moments etc. This whole earth is one big piece of art, I just aim to show it right.

Top Notch Tawny by Ryan SmileyTo see the full set from Ryan and Tawny check out January’s edition of UnCovered.

Top Notch Tawny is a new model from Los Angeles, CA.

Ryan Smiley
Ryan Smiley
L.A. Based Portrait Photographer Specializing in Glamour/Fashion