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November 25, 2015
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December 20, 2015

Thank you

As we wrap up another successful year, on behalf of Team UnCovered, I wanted to take a moment to thank all the contributors for your continued support. Our team has worked hard to continue to seek out and provide our viewers with the best talent from around the world. This is no easy task. We have received far more submissions that we can handle and at this time we have placed all current submissions on hold until we can catch up with the backlog.

I bring this up because of changes we plan on making in 2016. I have learned that this publication has grown far beyond the reaches I anticipated when I founded this brand. Funds derived from the limited sales of our print and digital version have never once paid any member of our team. That wasn’t the intent of this magazine when it was created. It was created simply to UnCover talent. As we have grown, the cost of the publication increases, but the funding has not. Throughout UnCovered’s growth I have supplemented the magazine as needed to upgrade our website, hosting company, social media and other marketing platforms to ensure that the contributing artists got the attention you all have deserved.

We are happy to report that we have received over 3.45 Million hits this year ! ! !

This is an accomplishment by any measure. Our Facebook page is nearing 8,000 followers and our Instagram page has over 76,000 followers and growing nearly 400 new followers per day. 2015 has been a great year for UnCovered and we look forward to the changes coming forward in 2016.


Evolving from a small startup that showcased undiscovered and internationally recognized talent, UnCovered Magazine will be switching up our Editorial line up. I will be stepping down and appointing a new Editor in Chief. This new Editor in Chief will create a team comprised of the current and newly added talent so that UnCovered can continue to be a dominant force in the industry. Myself, I will be focusing more on the administration and expansion of our brand.

In order to accomplish more changes are a necessity. UnCovered has no plan to ever charge for evaluation of submissions and as we have limited advertisements in the past we may in the future re-evaluate our stance on advertisements and memberships. We feel many artists create images out of love, but we also know first hand that there are costs involved in doings so. To address this I am developing a program where each contributor, if they so choose, can be compensated with more than just a publication.

Many of our artists have understood the value of being on and in a recognized publication and have capitalized on the feature. There have been many success stories shared with UnCovered from models who were completely unknown being featured on our Instagram instantly being sought out by photographers, to photographers who never felt their work was good enough becoming confident enough to submit and get published in multiple media outlets.  Just as our mission statement says, this is what we are all about:

UnCovered is a magazine dedicated to the modeling industry. We not only “uncover” the model, but the process, and expose the thoughts and techniques that go into creating the art. UnCovered seeks to display the passion for photography through our publication; To do this we feature articles about photographers, models, talent and the industry.

Thank you, the fans, contributors, and future contributors for your support of what we do. We look forward to our changes and we are confident that they will help revolutionize how business is done. This is my final post of the year, but I wanted to personally thank all the models, makeup artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists, painters, designers, artists, fans, supporters and readers that I have worked with this year, as well as, those that UnCovered has teamed up with. It’s be an amazing two years as your Editor in Chief, but I feel it’s time for a change. We can’t wait to announce who the new Editor in Chief will be, but I personally assure you this person will dedicate their time and energy to providing you with the best of the best.


Sal W. Hanna, Editor in Chief 2013-2015
Founder and Principal of UnCovered Magazine

Sal W. Hanna
Sal W. Hanna
Sal W. Hanna Founded UnCovered Magazine. As UnCovered has grown, so has Sal's work in the fashionable nude scene. He found a way to incorporate his unique style to meet the fashion genre and cross over with a boudoir feel. He has developed a hybrid of glamour, boudoir, and fashion with a touch East Coast flare that was influenced by West Coast dynamics. This unique style is what has set his work apart from others and why he is respected by many in the industry. Although he no longer runs day to day operations at UnCovered Magazine, he maintains a strong following and contributes editorials.