Emmy Elle
January 4, 2015
Getting to know you
January 20, 2015

Photographer James Pennie

How did you get into the modeling industry:

Since a young girl I have aspired to be a model. Since then I have familiarized myself with the fashion industry and placed myself within these settings.


What are your passions in life:

Modeling is an obvious passion of mine, but education is something I have always been very passionate about.

My biggest upcoming accomplishment will be graduating with my bachelors degree in psychology in May 2014.

Who inspires your work:

Tyra Banks is a model who inspires me. Her success as a model, entrepreneur, and business woman continues to inspire me as both a woman and model.

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James Pennie
James Pennie
Some people feel the purchase of a camera turns them into a professional. Some feel a publication of a photograph makes them a professional. Those with experience know what it takes to be a professional. The knowledge of your gear, circumstances, communication and results make you professional. I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY, and I often get asked "what kind of photographer are you," I usually answer, I'm a photographer that love the opportunity to use my camera!