UnCovered was founded in December of 2013 by Sal W. Hanna as a fashionable nude magazine that set out to feature talent from around the world.

Joined by the original team of Shantia Veney, and Kincaid Blackwood, Sal ventured out to discover new talent and draw in well known artists. The inaugural edition of UnCovered premiered in January of 2014 and showcased internationally known celebrity photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, models and more. Additionally a few unknowns were brought to light and given the opportunity to have their work alongside the modeling worlds best.

Photographer Ryan Smiley was one of those examples. His work soon became highly sought after by our viewers and his fan base increased. Founder, Sal W. Hanna began mentoring Ryan and eventually brought Ryan on as a Staff Photographer. His work is still featured today in our publication and social media feeds. His responsibilities have grown and he is is now a part of our Editors Team where his concepts are utilized to create a dynamic feel to UnCovered's lineup of talent.

Roger Talley continues to be a Feature Editor as our expert "How To" writer and photographer. He is a strong voice and consultant to our Founder and maintains a strong diplomatic working relationship with the entire team. His modeling and fashion industry insights have helped to make UnCovered a recognizable name. Many of our readers have commented on his superb illustrations of how to create a specific image, lighting effect and even his methods on composition. Roger's contributions define, in many ways, what UnCovered is all about.

Shantia Veney not only is an amazing model, but her work as a photographer and editor for UnCovered have set the standard for excellence. Her keen eye for composition and artistic expression on lighting and editing have captured the eyes of many of our viewers. Even though Shantia is no longer part of the Editors Team, she continues to make her presence and influence felt by submitting amazing photography of herself and others that she captures.

Meet Our Editors

Our Editors are the driving force behind UnCovered. The scour through hundreds of editorial submissions, images and articles to bring to you the best of the best.


Sal W. Hanna, Founder


Sal is best known for his work as a boudoir photographer and his work as a photo journalist. In late 2014 he had a vision to create a magazine that encompassed all styles and didn't focus solely on the "big name" photographers and models. He wanted a place where new talent could get showcased and UnCovered was born.

Throughout his career as a photographer he has been influential and outspoken in the industry. As a member of multiple magazine editorial teams, his contributions continue to set a tone for the industry. As UnCovered has grown, so has Sal's work in the fashionable nude scene. He found a way to incorporate his unique style to meet the fashion genre and cross over with a boudoir feel. He has developed a hybrid of glamour, boudoir, and fashion with a touch East Coast flare that was influenced by West Coast dynamics. This unique style is what has set his work apart from others and why he is respected by many in the industry. As a leader he focuses on not micro managing, but allowing Team UnCovered to focus on their individual talents. Once a directive is given, the team is tasked with completing it with minimal supervision. Sal believes allowing others to take initiative and show their creativity gives UnCovered the ability to showcase the contributors true art without restriction of managerial oversight; "It's about the team." Additionally, he guides the day to day operations, marketing, overall vision and direction of the magazine and the design of the eZine.


Meet Our Staff

Team UnCovered strive to push the limits of excellence. They dedicate their time, contribute their works of art and most of all passion to UnCovered.

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Ryan Smiley, Staff Photographer


Natural Light / Black and White Enthusiast, Southern California Based, & Internationally Published.

Ryan Smiley is a full time photographer based in Los Angeles. His works have been published internationally and have inspired many to attempt to replicate his style. As a Staff Photographer for UnCovered Magazine, Ryan is responsible for giving feedback on submissions and shooting exclusive content for the magazine. His style offers captivating use of light, composition, and creativity. He generally shoots the non-fashion model type and brings a strong fashionable nude feel to their images.

C. Mirene, Staff Photographer


C.Mirene is a photographic artist whose work is focused on art & fashion nude styles, and he has been creating with wonderful models for 10 years. C.Mirene is based in Ohio,USA - and he also tries to shoot when he travels. His style is simple and straightforward - nothing fancy, sometimes bold, and sometimes quirky.

His goal is to create artful and beautiful images with models that have good or unique compositions, but also include and convey some feelings and/or vibe to them. Chad has always been a big fan of Helmut Newton's work and style, but mostly he is trying to do his own thing and not really emulate anyone. The inspiration for his works come from the individual models that work with him creating images of art, fashion, and life. Because after all, these are images and creations with real people, beautiful souls, and these images are from a day in their life.

Chad Cote, Staff Photographer


Background in Graphic Art, Shoots Studio New York & Boston

Chad Cote is a full-time artist and business owner, with nearly 19 years as a professional tattoo artist. When it comes to photography Chad is no slouch; having been published in International magazines, featured solo gallery shows and even taking home an award for his boudoir work. Traveling between New York and Boston regularly, he is able to cover a good portion of New England while discovering unique locations and models.

Meet Our Website & eZine Team

Love the layout, new posts and wonder about who helps publish sets? These people are the backbone to the site.

Rich Quarles, Digital Media Manager


I am a self taught Portrait, Fashion, Glamor, Event Photographer,. I am former Military, well traveled, lived abroad, and I am a Father and Husband who loves music, pop culture and politics.

I came to love Photography watching my Mother shoot and develop her own film many years ago. This led me to establish Voxefx Photography & Media, as well as, Voxefx Studios. Having lived in many parts of the world I used photography as a Memory tool, capturing moments in time and space, documenting places, people, and events that I would have probably otherwise forgotten. I now primarily focus on Fashion, Glamour and Portraits. Influences: A few quick ones, Helmut Newton, Annie Leibovitz, David LaChapelle, Gordon Parks, Jean Paul Goude

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