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April 25, 2015
Zoe West
May 4, 2015

Studio Session with Hannah Kelsey

I’m told I’m versatile! I will easily go above and beyond to get the shot. My personal saying is, “if I’m not sore the next day, I didn’t do my job!”

Tell us about how you got into this industry and why:

It was by accident, really. I started by taking candid photos of people in public. Wanted to set up my own studio in my room and did lighting test shots on myself. Figured I wasn’t bad on camera! I am a huge fan of artistic nude modeling, or any type of shot that would take a clean concept and throw it into discordance. I find modeling to be extremely liberating.

I’m multi-published; I’ve done videography, runway, promotional modeling and clothing modeling. I’ve been on Maxim, rubbed elbows with Playboy bunnies, and I’ve gotten my feet wet with the different types of genres modeling has to offer!

Has anyone inspired you in this field:

I’ve shot with many wonderful photographers; I’m a huge fan of Hugo Velazquez, Chuck Majors, Aaron Patton, Eric Frank, Don Hales, Jay Ablah, and Keith Selle– to name just a few off the top of my head.

Website and Social Media Links:

Tumblr • Facebook • Twitter • ModelMayhem • Model Revolt

Kevin Weinert
Kevin Weinert
Formerly working in landscape and sports photography, now concentrating on editorial fashion photography. Based in the mountains and deserts north of Los Angeles, but frequently traveling to downtown LA, Orange County, San Diego and other destinations to photograph stunning models in beautiful locations.