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May 1, 2016
June 5, 2016

Birthday Girl Sherra Michelle

Birthday Girl Sherra Michelle

Photography by Sal W. Hanna

Playmate and UnCovered Model Sherra Michelle wears her Birthday suit on her special day.

The ever captivating Sherra Michelle has been a cover feature in Playboy Magazine and many other publications, but today we share in the gorgeousness of her mind and body as she shares with us her Birthday Suit and her thoughts. This exclusive editorial of Sherra Michelle kicks off her birthday week. May 29th is around the corner and UnCovered Magazine is excited to be the first to welcome in Sherra's birthday! We asked her how she describes herself and the first thing she said is free spirited. Not only does she travel globally at a whim, but she also cares for others while enjoying her life. How much does she travel? 48 weeks of the year Sherra is a full time working model. She attends workshops, shoot events, models and dances for clubs, events, and much more. She is truly an entrepreneur who is business minded. When not entertaining, she works as a sales representative for a national brand where she utilizes her social skills and closes major sales deals for her company.
What do you get when you mix Polynesian, Asian and Caucasian? The unique Sherra Michelle! This sweet bubbly personality is Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese and Samoan. Sherra was born in Orange County, California, and grew up in Huntington Beach, CA. She now lives in Las Vegas, NV. with her puppy Hershel. As personalities go, Sherra is in a class of her own; intelligent, beautiful, and focuses on making this world better through smiles, laughter and being socially responsible.

Birthday Party Time!


Photographer: Sal W. Hanna

Sal W. Hanna Photography

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Makeup and Hair: Brianna Blasing

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Sal W. Hanna
Sal W. Hanna
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