June 5, 2016
Garden of Sylph
August 21, 2016

Photography by Jim Graham

Who is Jim Graham:

I’m a Seattle based photographer with a focus on model imagery. Over the past several years the majority of my work has been geared toward artistic nude photography. I view each shoot is a unique creative project in its own right. Each model brings a different inspiration. Whether it be a simple nude or a fine art portrait, the model is essential in bringing life to the image. With Christine “iDiivil”, the creative process went in a powerful direction. Nearly all of my work is a team process. I’ve been working closely with Nikki Reign (A Seattle based MUA) and we’ve developed a strong creative relationship. Some time ago, I ran across the portfolio for Christine - Tagging her as a favorite that I wanted to work with. While Nikki and I were brainstorming future projects, I noticed Christine had posted she was traveling to Seattle. We had to book her! We also decided that we needed to get her into latex... Christine really came through! She brought some great latex pieces and we discussed how to incorporate them into the look and feel of the shoot. We are often surprised at the raw captures of emotion we get when everything has a natural flow. When a model brings their professionalism and vigorous creative energy to a shoot it excites us. The excitement feeds the process and really inspires our results. Christine did just that. She didn’t hold back. She brought herself into it with her latex and her ideas. It’s a refreshing moment in artistic photography collaborations to work with a model who is just as involved in the process. Not just a pretty face, not just a smokin’ body, but a bright and talented person who is invested in their art. From the first tethered results – We knew we had a special shoot. The combination of talent is essential. When mixed up together – We create something that we can all be proud of. -Jim Graham (Photographer) with Nikki Reign (MUA)

Christine "IDiivil" Adams


Photographer: Jim Graham

Jim Graham

Model: Christine "IDiivil" Adams

Makeup: Nikki Reign