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July 12, 2015
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August 3, 2015

Sarah Anne Kane, Must Mosh



SarahAnne is a 21 year old Toronto based artist with backgrounds in hair, makeup, theater, dance and is now taking a go at modelling.  She started a little over a year ago after having Niagara photographers took her from being ‘just a stylist’ to a symbol that every girl has a beauty waiting to be released.  Growing up was not the easiest for the canadian born artist.  Facing years of abuse in school, deep self loathing and substance abuse.   At one point things had been so dark the young girl went to a local physic to ask if she would ever be beautiful and happy.

Years later she realised that no one could tell her what was yet to come for her except herself, she then decided she would be happy and beautiful hoping to inspire other females to love themselves not for what makes them different but for what makes them the same. Our shared urge for love, beauty, happiness and acceptance. The things that make us human.


See Sarah Anne Kane on her Facebook page or on Model Mayhem portfolio.

Kenneth Lam
Kenneth Lam
Kenneth Lam (a.k.a Louis Aduro) is a Toronto base photographer who into photography over 5 years. He graduated in lighting and portrait from college. He extended his technique into fashion for another year of university. After he was taught and trained by an industry recognized photographer. He develops his style of photography, a different style which is out of the ordinary.