Sasha Goes Exploring
October 19, 2015
Mystique V.
October 23, 2015

Photographer: Koeal Braxton



Nieshia Sledge

I got into modeling practicing with a friend with his new camera.He encouraged me to get into swimsuit modeling since I practically lived in them.I took a chance with an up and coming photographer (Koeal Braxton) I fell in love with the experience and here I am.

I am all about new experiences.Traveling seeing things for myself, up close and personal. learning something new through experience and people no matter where I go.


Tell UnCovered a bit more about you:

Not only am I a pretty face, I am a active duty military police woman that is currently going to school part time. Beauty, brains and a boss!


Mentors who inspire your work:

One of my mentors is the person that started me on this journey, my Photographer and close friend, Koeal Braxton. I remember our first shoot together; I was nervous, but he always was there giving me encouragement and advice. When it was showtime I only reflected what he seen in me i couldn’t see at the time. As for admiration’s I can never choose just one or two, there are so many. Every model I see on the billboards, magazines, runways, and TV, etc. I admire really. They all took a chance. Every model has to start somewhere, and that’s truly what i admire.




Model: Niesha Sledge

Photographer: Koeal Braxton