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October 12, 2015
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October 17, 2015

Los Angeles Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015

LAFW Fall/Winter 2015


A fashion emerged? A fashion cursed? That seem to be the question for every designer who dared to try to make it big in the city of Los Angeles. For decades since the dawn of fashionable time, Los Angeles has been the hard luck on every designer, ranging from the first-year of business to heavyweight in the industry. Ask every fashion fans and every fashion blogger in the industry, they could almost always emphasized that it is extremely difficult to be established in Los Angeles. Cities such as Paris, Milan, New York, and even Tokyo have already cemented themselves to be Fashion Capitals of the World, but yet only London have that marquee title every single year.

Yohei Ohno – Japan

Organized by Arthur Chipman, executive producer of LAFW, whose first time running the show begins in the city’s historic Union Station, the site of countless movies, commercials, advertisements, and make no mistake on why this location was chosen. There’s no better site that can represent the sense of past and future, simultaneously, which set the tone of all those who attend the show, a reminder for millions of commuters with their choreographed hurried movement through the entrance to get to their trains and buses.

Betty Tran – Australia

The La-La Land have always been the land of the waters, championships-caliber sports teams, the sun, palm trees, beautiful people, and only established themselves Entertainment Capital of the World. But can it established themselves to be serious in the fashion world?

Datari Austin

Featuring 32 designers from around the world, from Japan, Australia, Fiji and including home-grown Los Angeles. 6 designers hailed from Los Angeles. Kim Krempien, fashion director of LAFW have set the diverse, radical tone to showcase a wide range of designs. She set the tone to start the week off featuring Yohei Ohno from Japan, embedding various deviations of “OH” and “NO” on his designs. Throughout the LAFW show will include international talents such as Salo Shayo, Betty Tran, Namilia whose designs are nothing short of youthful rebellion against the rules in the fashion industry have slapped the phallic shapes of male genitalia on their lines which ironically began their showcase off with a display of “MY PUSSY MY CHOICE.”


It ended the LAFW off with several designers from Fiji, which open for the public for the Fiji Fashion Designs selection of the show to make a splash of surf and sun vibes for their designs.

The out-of-towners who passed through can take a peek and tell the tales to their home, Los Angelenos can only visualized themselves being in the innovative, eye-dropping, envelope-pushing designs and the well-dressed fashion fans can be able to blog about the latest “thing” they just witnessed.


Set in the backdrop of the wall-clock inside the historical, glorious, and ever-so-stylish Los Angeles Union Station and hope their readers around the world be impacted by the dynamic designs from around the world.

–Los Angeles Fashion Week is Wednesday to Sunday, October 7-11 at Los Angeles Union Station–


Salo Shayo

Araksi Balyan

Polina Zeynalian

Peggy Moffitt