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December 28, 2013
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Avery Jane is a fashion model and has a huge passion for runway and print modeling but loves to spend time behind the camera helping photographers.


Over the last 10yrs Avery has worked mainly in beauty, hair and fashion but enjoyed occasional modeling in body art.


Avery, based in Atlanta, GA is currently a freelance model looking to work with an agency or individual photographers that would benefit from my versatile look and dedication to work.


I am 5’ 8” tall, brown hair, brown eyes with slim/lean build, ideal for high fashion runway or print. I am very adaptable and am open to unique creative expressions to expand my resume.


Photographer: James Pennie

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Model: Avery Jane

James Pennie
James Pennie
Some people feel the purchase of a camera turns them into a professional. Some feel a publication of a photograph makes them a professional. Those with experience know what it takes to be a professional. The knowledge of your gear, circumstances, communication and results make you professional. I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY, and I often get asked "what kind of photographer are you," I usually answer, I'm a photographer that love the opportunity to use my camera!