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November 8, 2015
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November 22, 2015

Lady Alchemy Directed by Stephen LaMarche

Video Exclusive: Lady Alchemy in a burlesque tease.

Lady Alchemy from Uncovered Editor on Vimeo.

Lady Alchemy is uniting the truth with the beautiful by combining performance art & Alchemical knowledge. A self-initiate in Alchemical studies, appearing on “The Mark Kostabi Show” to give her expertise in Alchemical symbolism and performing at venues such as the The McKittrick Hotel in “Sleep No More”.  She attended NYU for mathematics and taught math for over 10 years.

She is most passionate about pursuing truth; by way of sacred geometry and esoteric tradition, much like her favorite Alchemists in History; Leonardo DaVinci & Isaac Newton. These studies then inspire her ‘Great Work’ to produce performance art with great depth and immediate symbolism. She finds math & science to be a form of art and abstract thought. When most pop stars sing about sex & drugs, Lady Alchemy encourages females to pursue the natural sciences; “For Science is but an image of the truth” —Sir Francis Bacon.

It is this drive to share such liberating principles with others that is Lady Alchemy’s catalyst for her work. “When I die, it won’t matter. Life will move on”, she has said in a resent interview with NYC blogger Neonchaos. “I’ve given myself to the work, and have given it to others. If someone can awaken from the matrix through my work, then I’ve served my purpose.”

This impromptu video shoot occurred in between set changes during Stephen’s shoot with Lady Alchemy.

Model: Lady Alchemy
Videography and Directed by: Stephen LaMarche
Dances of Vice

FULL SONG AT: soundcloud.com/idaydream