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Jordan Lehn, Model and Photographer

Staff photographer, Shaun Tia took advantage of Jordan Lehn’s travels through Arizona last December and shot some incredible images of this quite remarkable young model.

Instead of just bombarding you with images, let’s delve a little deeper into the mind of this¬†modelographer…

Jordan Lehn

-Tell us a little about yourself!

I’m an old soul, free spirited dreamer, and a heavy heart. I get along with pretty much everyone, I work fast, I’m professional, but I like to have a good time. I love working with new people, and challenging myself with new ideas & concepts.

-Do you consider yourself a full-time, part-time or hobbyist model?

Im a full time model / photographer, part time MUA. No matter what I am constantly around a camera.



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-How long have you been modeling? How did you get into the industry?

I have been modeling since I was a young girl, and had a camera. I was always thinking of concepts to shoot, with myself and friends, but eventually the friends would get tired of always hanging out with me only to be my ‘models’ so once that happened, I would set my camera on the tripod, set the self timer, and pose and shoot myself! Eventually, I found my own way to start modeling with professional photographers around sophomore year in high school, as well as taking some basic molding and runway classes. My career took off, and now I am a full time, published model & photographer!

-What do you bring with you to a typical shoot?

Along with being prepaired with a good variety of poses in store to show off, I’m usually bringing the wardrobe, as well as all of my MUA gear – since I am usually doing makeup on most shoots, as well. I also like to bring some comfy clothes to leave home in, and of course my iPod full of music for any mood I need.


-What style do you shoot? Why?

I shoot a variety of styles, because when working with many photographers, their needs and wants are constantly changing, so Im prepared for whatever it may be at the time. However, my personal favorite styles are the couture / avant grade looks – they are more original and out there and challenge me to do looks that are more unique where I can experiment more and express my own personal edge.


-Have you traveled anywhere for modeling? Where?

I LOVE TRAVELING! I have traveled between California, Arizona, Nevada and Texas for modeling – however I am ALWAYS open to travel wherever I am needed – as long as travel is compensated. This is something I plan on doing more so.

-What are your goals for your modeling career?

I’d really like to work with more teams of people around the world, and get my name out there more so, as well as combining other peoples talents. I think sharing in contributing in the creative process is an important part of this industry. I’l like to do more fashion editorial shoots with publishings, and just really get a solid list of publishings going. My ultimate is to be in Vogue one day – It will happen.


-Do you exercise regularly and watch your diet?

Yes. I’m naturally thin, I am also very naturally healthy as well. I run, and work out, as well as bikram yoga, which really helps with my flexiblilty and posing – I’m a back bender, its actually somewhat scary!

-Any secret super talents like playing an instrument, drawing, building robots, etc?

Aside from also doing photography and my makeup artistry skills, oh and being able to talk to animals – not really.


-What was your best experience while modeling?

My best experience i’d have to say so far has been to just collaborate on many cool ideas with full teams for shoots, and getting published. I LOVE being able to have opportunities like this where everyone’s efforts are getting acknowledged to the world.

-What would you tell a model that is just starting out to help him/her succeed?

I would mostly recommend to push yourself, and don’t always stick to the whole idea of shooting in a cute dress on a pretty background concept. Get dirty. Pose creepy. Do things you wouldn’t normally do for an average ‘nice’ picture. You will see how quickly your portfolio will display your diversity in posing as a model, which, as a photographer I can say is a huge aspect of being a ‘professional’ model.

-How did you get started doing photography? Do you find this helps you with your modeling?

I started photography along with modeling, way back when I was 11. Ive grown with the two aspects at once, and somewhere along the way makeup got thrown in the mix as well. It is constantly helping with my modeling. I know what the image is going to look like before I see it, I can collaborate with the photographers better, by throwing in my input as well, I know the angels I need to be at to make the shot, and most importantly, the photographer has a 2 in one : model and assistant.

-What is your favorite thing to shoot?

People, Moods, and actually abstract landscapes.

Some samples of Jordan’s photography work:

1897024_217742448430519_1769823841_n jordan_2 jordan_3 jordan_4

-Any industry secrets you are willing to part with?

Be professional, and don’t get into the drama aspect of this industry, its never worth it, and chances are it will kill your career.



You can follow Jordan Lehn’s modeling and photography work here:



Photography: Shaun Tia Photography,
Model: Jordan Lehn
MUA: Rachel Bush
Lighting: Jim Hesterman

Shantia Veney
Shantia Veney
Modeling is my passion, my life and photography plays well into that. I have been published on both sides of the camera. As well as having a love for modeling, I spend a lot of my time using my culinary degree cooking, and also playing guitar, singing, drawing, and designing clothes and accessories.