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September 16, 2014
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September 24, 2014
C.Mirene – an art/fashion photographer from Ohio, would like to introduce and share some of his work with Azrael Jones, a wonderful model from Cleveland, Ohio.  She is still fairly new to the modeling game, in that it’s been less than a year that she’s been modeling.

UnCovered asked her what her goals were for her modeling, and she said – “Goals? I guess to expand and explore until I can’t take anymore!  I love learning and I love traveling, so thankfully modeling has provided me with many opportunities for new experiences.”

Three things that inspire Azrael are:  Art. Music. Life.  On the right days, she reports that everything is an inspiration to her! According to Azrael, the beautiful can be seen in the mundane, if you look hard enough.

Azrael Jones 4 by C.Mirene
Azrael claims that she stands 5’6″ tall, but is much taller once she starts stacking on the heels!
Her measurements are 36″-28″-36″.

When not modeling; she enjoys video games, reading, and gardening – as these are her main passions.  According to Azrael, she says –  “I have been a Legend of Zelda fan since Majora’s Mask; I can’t seem to get away!  You may have noticed the 16-bit hearts on my hip, that is my homage to my love of gaming…. and don’t worry that piece is soon to be expanded.”  Reading is also another pleasure of hers, especially horror, sci-fi, thrillers, and basically anything that can capture her imagination has her hooked.  Further, Azrael says, “Gardening is really more of a lifestyle for me. My garden is the perfect place to spend the afternoon, and then I get to reap the benefits of salads for weeks? Hell yea!”

Another piece of information about Azrael is:  “I can time-trial run Ocarina of Time in 8 hours.   Haha, I don’t know, my life is mostly gaming!”

 Azrael Jones 10 by C.Mirene
Azrael loves the opportunities that modeling has brought her so far; working with so many amazing artists and so many creative ideas. So, if you have an idea for something crazy and unique – she says, “Send it my way and let’s make magic happen!”
 Azrael Jones 11 by C.Mirene
Thank you for looking and reading, and thank you in advance for a warm Uncovered Magazine welcome to Azrael Jones – a gamer, reader, and gardening model!!
C. Mirene
About the model:
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About the photographer:
Some art books are available here:
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C.Mirene can be found on various modeling/networking sites, such as Model Mayhem, Model Insider, Model Society,, Facebook, and
Some of his work has been exhibited and sold in gallery exhibitions, and also published in other online magazines.  He periodically travels to shoot, or shoots when he travels.  In the past few years has done some work with models in Chicago, Los Angeles, Montreal, and Toledo, Ohio.
C. Mirene
C. Mirene
Some art books are available here: Some of his work has been exhibited and sold in gallery exhibitions, and also published in other online magazines. C.Mirene can be found online on quite a variety of model/photographer networking sites. He periodically travels to shoot, or shoots when he travels. In the past few years he has done some work with models in Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Montreal. He is currently based in Toledo, Ohio. "I have been shooting since my high school graduation when my grandparents gave me my first Canon camera. One of the best parts of doing what I do now is getting to meet and work with all of the wonderful, artistic, courageous, and amazing models/artists/people that I am so fortunate to create with. I also like to paint, draw, and write poetry when I feel it, but mostly I like to travel when I can, and just enjoy life."