Cure for the Cold: Issue 8 preview
February 4, 2016
Continent of Longing
February 10, 2016

George Vordos has a recipe for homemade chaos. For someone else, constantly changing locations, equipment, collaborators and methods might develop a form of photographic schizophrenia but for Vordos it underpins a thematic unity. It’s a deliberate attempt to keep himself “confused” (though we think that he’s got it all figured out in these photos). “This confusion came up when some friends of mine said that I don’t know where I’m going with photography. ‘You do every kind of photography and that confuses your fans but potential clients as well.'”


Vordos admits his epiphany was difficult initially but once digested he used it to fuel his creativity. “First, it was depression. Then, it was a divine feeling. I had to embrace this confusion so I decided to focus on a theme (dark, artistic, erotic nude) but never categorize it into subjects.”

There is one person Vordos would single out as an influence: Allen Henson, his mentor (why, yes, that Allen Henson). “He made me understand how much I love to shoot nude.” Vordos reveals. We’re inclined to thank him also.

George Vordos, though born in Texas, was raised in Greece, where he studied photography. Recognizing the upcoming troubles for the Greek economy, he returned to the United States in 2012 and now works professionally as a photographer in New York, NY. He’s committed to the dark, sexy mystique he’s developed in his homemade obsessions. “[…] I would keep doing this no matter what. Nude is a way of life and I’m part of it.” Good for him and good for us.

Enjoy this teaser of issue 8 shot with Kyra. If you want to follow George on social media, his Instagram is a great starting point. Be on the lookout for the full editorial in UNCOVERED Issue VIII with more models and more of George’s homemade obsessions.