September 8, 2014
Sylph Sia 4
Throwback Tuesday Robert Coppa
September 16, 2014

“I’m Awesome!” – Beta Juliet

Beta Juliet_0034

What are your passions?
Modeling and baking. I’m like a wizard at baking.

Beta Juliet_0035 Beta Juliet_0031

How did you get into the modeling industry:
I was friends with a model, who had worked with Lauren Wk. Lauren’s photos inspired me to start modeling.
I’ve been published in 9 magazines, had a photo in Vogue Italia, and have been featured on several websites and blogs. I just recently did runway for the first time at a bridal expo, too.

Beta Juliet_0032Beta Juliet_0033 Beta Juliet_0036

Mentors, admiration’s or others who inspire your work:
Jees, there’s so many. Of course Lauren Wk was inspiration at first. Now I’m inspired by and admire several others too. Floofie, Jordan Bunniie, Jennifer Sullins, and Mosh to name a few. I also admire photographers like Mortonovich and Rich Burroughs. There’s many more of course, but those are the ones who first come to mind.

Beta Juliet_0030 Beta Juliet_0028 Beta Juliet_0035 Beta Juliet_0027

Model: Beta Juliet

Photographer: Sal W. Hanna