The Day’s Last Remaining Light
December 23, 2014
January 8, 2015

“Yes, I’m Natural.”

Emmy Elle hails from Indiana and this Libra has some captivating eyes…yeah, eyes. While most know Emmy for her glamour work she is becoming a favorite in the lingerie and nude community. Take a look at this set and you can see why. Stunning curves, sensual beauty and simply put a knockout !

Photographer Sal W. Hanna describes working with Emmy as “Memorable.”


Not only can Emmy capture the viewer with her luscious body, but her eyes memorize one preventing you from looking away. Over the last year Emmy has dramatically changed her body by dedicating herself to her craft. She’s toned, firmed and even lost an impressive 20 lbs ! She hopes to move to California to expand on her career as a full time model, but for now she is a full time traveling model based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Model: Emmy Elle
Mayhem # 2821103

Photographer: Sal W. Hanna

Sal W. Hanna
Sal W. Hanna
Sal W. Hanna Founded UnCovered Magazine. As UnCovered has grown, so has Sal's work in the fashionable nude scene. He found a way to incorporate his unique style to meet the fashion genre and cross over with a boudoir feel. He has developed a hybrid of glamour, boudoir, and fashion with a touch East Coast flare that was influenced by West Coast dynamics. This unique style is what has set his work apart from others and why he is respected by many in the industry. Although he no longer runs day to day operations at UnCovered Magazine, he maintains a strong following and contributes editorials.