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February 1, 2016
Homemade Obsessions: an Issue 8 teaser
February 7, 2016

Winter’s chill is getting around (even here in sunny SoCal is a chilly 67º!) but we’ve got the cure. With that, we’re equally excited to showcase the work of Derek Hui, a talented photographer based in Toronto, ON, Canada. It’s just above freezing there now but Hui and model Abbie Oliveira have the remedy. The duo got together with make-up artist and hair-stylist Christine Calder to fight off that cold. Here at UNCOVERED Magazine, we’re excited about the refresh we’ve done as well as our upcoming issue. Enjoy this little previous of what you’ll see in Issue 8:

In Derek’s Words:

“Many times when you’re meeting and shooting with a model for the first time, it starts a bit slower as you’re both kind of feeling each other’s energy and vibe out. But when Abbie pulled up to my condo in the same car and car color as mine, I had a feeling things were going to go well.

“We had a ton of fun with different outfits, different music playlists, and ended up re-arranging all the furniture at my place, ha! We all shared very similar ideas and inspiration for the shoot and the whole team did an amazing job.”

More on Hui:

Hui is primarily a wedding and elopement photographer. He seeks to create or capture moments that are intimate and vulnerable yet authentic. We can see it in his work with models. He considers himself a storyteller with a camera — a role he professes to taking quite seriously — who strives to provide a pure and honest documentation of a couple’s wedding day. We’d say that he did the same here with Abbie. Honest. Intimate. Authentic.

We will see more of Derek Hui’s work over the course of this month as we lead into our eighth issue. Look out for his work there, where we have saved some surprises. Hope you are as excited as we are to UNCOVER more of Derek’s photography.