Homemade Obsessions: an Issue 8 teaser
February 7, 2016
My Sweet Valentine
February 13, 2016

Rick Legal has discovered a continent of longing; just out there under people’s noses in Vancouver, BC, Canada (who knew?!).

His subjects are, at times, seemingly delicate and often somber (barely a smile among them!) but the longing that seems to unify them is a desire-for-more that does give them a certain strength.

These ladies are not weak. They definitely do not need you but they are seeking something. Fulfillment? Entertainment? Satisfaction? Distraction? We’re not sure but we feel compelled to find out, which is what makes his work so engaging.

Legal has been shooting in Vancouver and endeared himself to that community through “subjectifying” women. In writer Julie Peters’ (who deserves credit for introducing us to the term “subjectifying”) Elephant Journal article on how to tell if an image is objectifying, Peters describes Legal’s photo shoot with Vancouver burlesque dancer Lola Frost as “[…] erotic, feminine, nude, but also subjectifying.” Rick Legal’s subjects have an agency and an awareness; they’re not just objects which we admire. They have agendas all their own, which may not include us at all.

We at UNCOVERED are excited about Rick Legal‘s work and hope to see more of it soon. Like in, oh… maybe an editorial in our upcoming eZine? Stay tuned.

Longing for more?

Models Alyssa Barbara, Julie and Claudia Bakehouse can each be found on their respective Instagram accounts if you would like to see more of them, as can Micah Gilbert, who did makeup for Rick’s shoot with Claudia. For a more in-depth discussion with Rick, read through his interview with our friends over at JUNNNKTANK. Follow him on his Instagram, as well. For a slightly more “spirited” sample of his work, check out his very NSFW Tumblr. You can thank us later.