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January 27, 2016
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February 4, 2016




  1. nerd nudity
  2. when the geek in you is so strong, it’s obscene

Remember that time we had an article on Japanese/Czech model-gamer-badass (the TRUE triple threat) Christine IDiivil Adams? We sure do. We recall it distinctly: around two years ago, Christine chatted with Kincaid Blackwood, our current (as of 2016) editor-in-chief, to talk modeling, video games and set the record straight on the gamer-girl myth.

In fact, it was exactly two years ago when we launched Issue 1 of UNCOVERED Magazine which included that article on Christine. As we prepare for the upcoming release of Issue 8, enjoy this stroll down memory lane. Tap a photo to pause the slideshow.

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Want more Nerdity? Of course you do.

Don’t know where to find more of Christine IDiivil? She’s everywhere: InstagramTwitterFacebookDeviant ArtTumblr — take your pick. Want to get your hands on that article in print? Treat yourself.

Opening spread photo by Richard Dubois with work from contributing photographers Inkblotch and Jesse Bard.