Introducing April Verde
May 5, 2015
Kristina’s Window View
May 28, 2015

A different sort of “back seat driver,” model Alexis steams things up. A real car lover!

James Pennie

James Pennie




Photographer: James Pennie


Model: Alexis Daughtry


Make-Up: Camille Hayes


Hair: Michaela Mcghee



Attire: Victoria Secret

Jewerly: Ear Rings by Ralph Lauren, bracelets by Charter Club

Shoes: Steve Madden

James Pennie
James Pennie
Some people feel the purchase of a camera turns them into a professional. Some feel a publication of a photograph makes them a professional. Those with experience know what it takes to be a professional. The knowledge of your gear, circumstances, communication and results make you professional. I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY, and I often get asked "what kind of photographer are you," I usually answer, I'm a photographer that love the opportunity to use my camera!