Lady Alchemy Directed by Stephen LaMarche
November 16, 2015
South Africa’s Stunning Nikki Venter
November 25, 2015

This is a set from the first time I worked with Danamarie Julianna and Sasha together. They are both extremely talented models, with exceptional posing and acting abilities. These talents and skills go along quite well with their amazing and exotic looks. The title of the set is a clue to this story. The campers are the location. The sweaters are the attire. The secrets are unknown.

The photos tell much of the story.  

Some stories end neatly and cleanly, while others leave the ending open for the imagination to interpret. Thank you for viewing; we hope you enjoyed it.


In addition to their Facebook pages, you can find both of the models — Danamarie Julianna and Sasha — on Model Mayhem. See more of C.Mirene’s work on his websiteFacebook Page or Instagram.

C. Mirene
C. Mirene
Some art books are available here: Some of his work has been exhibited and sold in gallery exhibitions, and also published in other online magazines. C.Mirene can be found online on quite a variety of model/photographer networking sites. He periodically travels to shoot, or shoots when he travels. In the past few years he has done some work with models in Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Montreal. He is currently based in Toledo, Ohio. "I have been shooting since my high school graduation when my grandparents gave me my first Canon camera. One of the best parts of doing what I do now is getting to meet and work with all of the wonderful, artistic, courageous, and amazing models/artists/people that I am so fortunate to create with. I also like to paint, draw, and write poetry when I feel it, but mostly I like to travel when I can, and just enjoy life."