Lounging with Christine “IDiivil” Adams
February 20, 2017
Sarah Anne Canadian Charm
February 25, 2017

Photography by Roberto Manetta

Interview With Photographer Roberto Manetta

My photographic journey started during some of the best years of my life, along with my completely manual Yashica I started to photograph my trips and all the people I made great friends with.

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of remembering everyone that passed through my happy days, leaving me a picture or snapping a place that I found profoundly touching. With the box of cardboard memories we all have at home you can magically re-live a little memory of loved ones or moments of happiness.

In 1999, with the introduction to digital cameras, I decided to dedicate myself, in more depth, to the study of fine art photography - impelled by my girlfriend who was also a photographer and model. Bit by bit I specialized in glamour photography and Reportage, inserting some artistic nude projects, which with time married with a deeper personal study in search of images conceptualized.

After many years of studying Analog photography I crossed over to digital, attempting however to demonstrate in each and every one of my photographs a non-invasive post-production, trying to always maintain the rigid canons that detail classic photography.

I live and work in Rome, collaborating actively as a freelance photographer, working alongside different cultural agencies across the board of music, dance and theatre and alongside different agencies that represent Italian celebrities, exhibiting my photos in different galleries and spaces dedicated to the Capital and in the world.

My photographs are featured in magazines specializing in art photography as Black & White,Photographie Artistique,DP Arte Fotografica,Il Fotografo,Image mag ecc and commercial magazines as Gente Oggi Max Maxim Vero Gioia Panorama La Repubblica Diva&Donna ecc that are published worldwide.

My passion comes from nature, adventure stories, fantasy films that have contributed phenomenally to my project ideas and the major part of my photographs. I am always very attentive, in all of my movements, in everything surrounding me. I often dream about adventures, fairy tales and mythological women. I look around at the objects surrounding me, with attention, searching for a link between a nude body more than a face. Geometric lines and original compositions are always at the centre of my attention when I launch upon a new project.

Then, once I’ve decided in my mind I search for the right model, striving to bring them to express my idea in the best way possible.


Model Regina Soriente

Concept and Styling by Roberto Manetta