Sarah Anne Canadian Charm
February 25, 2017
March 3, 2017

Photography by Ariel Gricio

Interview With Photographer Ariel Gricio

Carnival 2009, I found myself amid the asphalt, in a dubbed “sambódromo” of the tiny, provincial city of Jaboticabal, located in Southeast of Brazil. With a machine in the hands, I found out a narrow connection between my eyes and my chest.

Since then, many things have changed, some of these changes were radical, others not so much. The boy that so far just poeticized with the words, felt the blessing of the light, and then discovered a new way of rime and put out the chest the beauty that not always the words could reach.

Between a click and another, I’ve been shyly exploring the photographic universe and the possibilities and feelings that the technology and inspiration can afford to me, and to the others. With no official courses, but a lot of private studies, I seek the most beautiful landscape, the harmony of the colors, tones, compositions, and try to portray nothing but what my eyes see and my heart feels.

Today, after more than six years walking through these verses of light, I share and replant the juicy fruits that came from this tree of inspiration and expression (that is photography). Some in form of invitation, like the Photographic Museum Of Humanity and the Sensual Photography, both international websites of photographic inspiration.

Other many fruits, so tasty as, I harvest in the smile of a satisfied client, in a pictured friend, or in a woman admiring her own beauty, that once saw no poetry in her beautiful curves.

In time, it should be remembered that nobody builds anything alone. So , I thank everyone that, one way or another, contributed to my art, and deposited their eyes, hands, bodies and energies, for me to continue to explore and portray each verse of light that I find along the way.

The way is long and the feeling that carries me in this way is even greater. Art, or Art!

Photographer: Ariel Gricio Model: Nara Olivog Assistance: Pedro Sacco