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What can you say when you get a submission from contributing photographer Ryan Smiley that opens with this shot? Yes, of course !
Vickie's Tattoo

Vickie was born in Fontana, California, raised in Palm Springs, but also spent a few years in a small Arizona town called as Kingman. With a whopping population of 28,000 Vickie just knew this wasn’t the town for her. She moved back to California where she works for a merchant service provider.

“As a part of my job I also travel to various trade shows to promote our company, the services offered, and acquire new accounts. In addition to this I am also a full time student in pursuit of a degree in Business Administration. These two combined keep me busy.”

Vickie by Ryan Smiley

German, English, Irish, Mexican, and Native American blood all run through her veins and what a great combination that has made. At 21 years old, measuring 33, 25, 34, she brings her adventurous, personable, goal-oriented, driven, and witty personality to UnCovered.

While I do not routinely check my horoscope I would say that the Aquarian description matches my personality pretty spot on. If I was walking down a road and there was a fork, I would make my own path rather than choose between the two already traveled. I guess one could say I enjoy my freedom and am not afraid of change because I know it’s inevitable. In terms of other people I surround myself with people that I know and am conformable with but that’s not to say that I won’t make a new friend if the opportunity presents itself. I know for a fact that I am stubborn (anyone I know can attest to that) and I tend come off sarcastic without realizing it sometimes. Overall I can see why when I tell people I am an Aquarius they say “oh yeah I can definitely see that.”

Vickie Uncovered

When Vickie first looked into our camera’s eyes, her warm glowing globes captivated us. Her stunning eyes could stop nearly any mans heart. “I just started modeling this year. I knew a photographer and after seeing his work began asking questions about potentially doing a shoot. I eventually got him to agree and after my first experience I was hooked.” Luckily for UnCovered, her intimate set was submitted our way and we too fell in love with her eyes. We thank the photographer that got her into modeling.

Vickie 1

I like the fact that I am creating with just myself. I really like being in front of the camera, it’s like improve acting. The best part is looking at the shots every time I’m blown away think to “wow, that’s me!” – Vickie

Ryan Smiley
Ryan Smiley
L.A. Based Portrait Photographer Specializing in Glamour/Fashion