October 18, 2014
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October 30, 2014

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Did a recent test shoot and interview with Local talent Phane.

We discussed ideas and concepts for our upcoming Uncovered exclusive photo session, our kids, the industry, and her incredible perfume. Here are a few captures and tidbits from our session.

Be on the look out for her exclusive session coming soon!


Name: Phane – Model based out of Maryland


 Phane’s Fun Facts:

  • A little bit about me, I really enjoy anything related to art, it makes me happy.

  • I love the challenge of doing something unique and different in order to create

  • I get super excited when I see beautiful artwork!

  • I love Sensuality and Eroticism and love beautiful artwork that demonstrates both

  • I love black and white Images Film My heart resides here!

  • So aside from getting published I would love to work with as many Talented   original artists out there!!

  • Also I am somewhat shy at first. But am super goofy, and love making those around me Laugh.

  • I am Allergic to  Cigarettes Smoke so please don’t smoke around me


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UC_Vox – How did you get into the modeling industry?

Phane –  I have always Been artsy so Modeling felt natural. It was an avenue in which I used my creativity.

So I started At 19 and haven’t looked back. I love how I have evolved and how I am still learning so much from it!


UC_Vox – What are your passions, modeling or otherwise?
Phane – Aside from My Kids,  Helping Veterans!

I am currently in the Social work program at UMBC, with the hope of helping the men and women who have served this country.

Every minute a soldier commits suicide I am not OK with that. So I hope I can help change that epidemic.

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UC_Vox – Notable Accomplishments?

Phane –  As far as Modeling goes its still a work in Progress.  I have worked with some amazing talent and hope that never ends.

In other aspects of my life I am a Mother of two young children, who are my life!

A 5 year old and a 21 month old. I have survived Motherhood so far… that’s an accomplishment!!


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UC_Vox  – Mentors, or others who inspire your work?

 Phane –   Jyoti Sackett- Photographer

Gregory Garecki- Photographer

Christopher Maxwell- Photographer

Kithos- Model

All of these people I consider friends and teachers as well as Collaborators in making beautiful Art.


UC_Vox  –What else should we know about you or your work?

Phane – I am more inclined towards the Fine Art world. I love emoting and making the viewers FEEL when they look at my work.


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