Vader Girl Uncovered
October 31, 2016
Soffia Danielle
November 28, 2016

Photography by VoxEfx

A hotel shoot I did with The Petite Ukrainian Model Masha much earlier this year. In fact, so much earlier it actually snowed during the shoot. Hair and Makeup done by Masha, Styling done by Vox.


Photographer: VOXEFX


Model:Petite Ukrainian

Petite Ukrainian Instagram

Vox Efx
Vox Efx
I am a self taught Portrait, Fashion, Glamor, Event Photographer,. I am ex-Military, well traveled, lived abroad, and I am a Father and Husband who loves music, pop culture and politics. I came to love Photography watching my Mother shoot and develop her own film many years ago. Having lived in many parts of the world I used photography as a Memory tool, capturing moments in time and space, documenting places, people, and events that I would have probably otherwise forgotten. I now primarily focus on Fashion, Glamour and Portraits. Influences: A few quick ones, Helmut Newton, Annie Leibovitz, David LaChapelle, Gordon Parks, Jean Paul Goude VOXEFX PHOTOGRAPHY VOXBOX© STUDIO