Available Light ft Nikki Dollface
April 15, 2018
She can make things happen just by thinking about them!
April 19, 2018

Self Portrait by Sylph Sia

Sylph Sia is an Australian travelling fine art model. Since entering the modelling industry in 2010, Sylph has built up extensive experience across a variety of modelling genres - through which she discovered her love of fine art styles. Sylph is a versatile professional bringing a wide variety of hands-on industry experience, know-how and creative intuition to the table.

Sylph is genuinely passionate about her work; thriving on creativity of all kinds, she is very patient, understanding and easy to work with. Her experience as an artist across a variety of mediums - including her own photographic work; being a classically trained musician; and painting/sketching - is reflected in her empathetic nature and appreciation for the artistic process.

As seen with this series, along with modelling, Sylph also has an interest in being on both sides of the camera. She believes that understanding the photographic process from the perspective of both the model and photographer is highly beneficial to both parties. This series is about self expressionism, how being the photographer and the model allows for complete freedom of expression without filters, hesitations or comprising of ideas that can sometimes occur when working with another person.


Photographer: Sylph Sia