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Please fill out the form below with you information, location, and a link to your portfolio. Also attach a few sample images of your work (web sized). If we feel your style coincides with ours, you will then be qualified to advertise with us.

Want a FREE Shout Out?

Yes, we offer no cost shout outs on our Social Media. 1. It must be exceptional work. This means our Editors needs to say WOW when they see it. 2. It waits in line like all the other submissions we receive. We get hundreds of submissions a week. Sometimes we can go through then in a few weeks, sometimes a few months. (Advertorials get priority due to the amount of submissions) 3. You don't have to be famous, popular or have a huge following to get a shout out. If it's great and it catches our Editors eyes, then you would be put in the list of shout outs.

All you have to do is use one of our official hashtags: #uncoverme #uncoveredmagazine #uncoveredmodels #uncoveredtna or #intimatelyuncovered

When we search Instagram for these tags and if your shot fits our daily theme, we will select the best to be included in our feed for FREE!!!

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Advertorial Guidelines

Bare in mind we are a nude based magazine that focuses on a fashion feel. If your style isn't similar to what you see on our website, we will likely decline your request to advertise. 1. The works needs to reflect the UnCovered style and quality. 2. We do not accept all requests for advertisement. 3. Priority is given to Advertorials over Shout Outs. 4. We do require uncensored images as part of your advertisement as we will censor them for the sites with restrictions, but for Tumblr we do post the uncensored work. 5. List all credits!!! If you fail to do so, we reserve the right to delete your advertisement without a refund. We do this because going back and changing the posts on cross platforms becomes tedious and time consuming.

I certify am over 18 years of age.
What Genre Do You Shoot?

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Please Include Fashionable Nude Styled Images.
Submissions that do not meet our style guidelines will be declined for advertisements.

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If you don't want to wait in line then we recommend our Advertorial packages.

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