Taja Davis
October 6, 2017
Jackie Allegra
October 21, 2017

Photography by Douglas Sawyer


I'm the son of Immigrants from England and Ireland.I was born in Northern New Jersey,but left the North East when I was young.I've lived everywhere along the rust belt from Chicago to Pittsburgh.I attended the University of New Mexico and while living out West developed a great taste for travel and hiking.I've done multiple trips throughout S.E.Asia Thailand, Cambodia,Laos Malaysia and multiple times to Indonesia,for which I have a great affinity to. It was my travel that lit the spark of photography for me.I was very unaware of process but filled with passion to get up everyday and just shoot everything interesting and beautiful I'd come across. I currently live in East Central Florida.I have just recently dedicated a good portion of my creative focus and passion on portraiture.I'm still building my portfolio and have just finished what I would call my first official year as a photographer...what a year it's been. Keep and eye out for my work...feel free to say hi...and never give up on your passion This shoot was shot with full intent of being featured in Uncovered magazine...Sarah and I both love the work we see on their IG feed and felt we could add to the long body of great work there...Our shoot was intended to be on a typical sunny Florida day.Come shoot day we had 80% rain and were just moments from calling it off when we just said...lets make this rain work for us.The results were a moody soft light playground surrounded by tropical canopy and a beautiful stream.We finished the day drenched but pretty giddy that we made some great images...we hope you love them.


"I am full Greek, born and raised in Miami Florida. I enjoy being outdoors and spending time in nature. I love traveling and learning about new cultures. I love school and going to school for nursing." on her modeling: "My goals is to continue to be published and share beautiful images that have meaning. I am very excited about being published in this magazine and would love to shoot more for uncovered magazine."


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Model: Sarah Richards @rahrah_18 MUA: Jessica Tullas @glambarbyjess Photographer: @douglassawyer3666