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December 30, 2013
Steph Rai
January 2, 2014

Paris, France

“Coming from a still life specialty, technical photography has always been to my advantage. Beauty photography combines technique and beautiful people, thus the passion drives me there.” – Neil Snape

How did you start in this industry?

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When I first started taking photography seriously, I assisted a French photographer who shot tests for local agencies. I always wanted to, so this was my first open door.

Neil Snape 4 Neil Snape 3Did you have any formal industry training?

Not other than a few seminars, and assisting for a short while. I did consider going to Brooks Institute of Art, but wasn’t sure it was necessary.

What sets you apart from other artists?

Strong technical lighting and understanding of what makes an image just a little better.

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What is your advice to aspiring modeling artists? Terms?

“It is not where you steal from but where you take it”. A quote that says it all. It has all been done before, and the better images copied more often than most. If you can create your own derivative style, great, if not just do it as least as good or better than your mentor/favorite artists.

How would you describe the process behind the creation of the looks for each look?

Almost always I have an image as a start point to go by. Models participate with making it different or better after the first look is assured, and there after.

Neil Snape 5What was your inspiration to become involved in the beauty business?

The sensation of transmitting the attraction of beauty through stills photographs is empowering. Video is the final chapter.


Any other tips or advice you would give to someone just starting?

Simplicity is the purest form of sincerity in images. Reduce everything to absolutes before going on to complexity. Study everything Penn and Avedon did. In particular any pictures done with natural light. Why do those pictures work? If you understand this, you’ve already stepped up to a very high level on the ladder.

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