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October 6, 2015
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October 12, 2015

Fredau – The Beauty from Netherlands




Model: Fredau Hoekstra

Photographer:  Kenneth Lam @17studio

Fredau Hoekstra is a full time freelance model with over 5 years of experience posing mainly for art-nude and fashion nude photography. She was born and raised in The Netherlands as the oldest of 4 sisters, with the happiest childhood memories being the ones of summer holidays camping with the whole family.  After high school she went on to study Communications and this brought her to live in Edinburgh, Scotland for a while. It was in this beautiful city that she met her now husband, drummer Chris Wallace.

After finishing her bachelor degree she decided to permanently move to Edinburgh. While frantically searching for a decent job during the credit crunch, the opportunity arose to do some modelling work. After about 6 months of doing a few shoots here and there, she made the leap to go full time and never looked back.  In the following couple of years she

managed to gain herself a respectable reputation in the art-photography scene both in the UK and mainland Europe. In these years she was lucky enough to travel all over Europe and work with many amazing and well established photographers. In December 2013 Fredau moved to Toronto to start a new life in her husband’s native Canada. With Toronto as a base she now works all over Canada and the States.


Kenneth Lam
Kenneth Lam
Kenneth Lam (a.k.a Louis Aduro) is a Toronto base photographer who into photography over 5 years. He graduated in lighting and portrait from college. He extended his technique into fashion for another year of university. After he was taught and trained by an industry recognized photographer. He develops his style of photography, a different style which is out of the ordinary.