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September 3, 2016
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September 7, 2016

Photography by Chris Widick

For the past 4 years at least, I have been a fan of Christine "IDiivil"s work. Her portfolio is filled with stunningly beautiful images from some of the best photographers in the world.

I was going to be in southern California for work, so I sent her a message asking if she would be in town and available for a shoot. I expected a polite message in return explaining that she was off to some exotic locale to shoot with some world renowned photographer or that she was already booked that week. But the reply I received was not what I expected. She said she would be in town and available. I was gob smacked. Then I was in a panic! What was I going to shoot with this amazing model? Where was I going to shoot her?

She was so helpful. She sent me the names of a couple of rental studios and some makeup artist. I sent her Pinterest board with ideas. Eventually, we had a plan in place and a date set.

A few weeks later, as I drove from Fountain Valley to downtown LA dealing with the legendary afternoon traffic, I was a nervous wreck. This was really happening. I was going to shoot with IDiivil.

When I arrived at the studio, Christine and Vanessa, the makeup artist Christine had recommended, were already set up and getting ready, since I was running late due to majestic LA traffic. Christine had her wardrobe hanging up and a selection of accessories laid out on the table. Vanessa did a fantastic job with Christine’s makeup and hair and then we were ready to shoot the first outfit we had selected. It was absolutely a blast. Christine was practically dancing in the natural light streaming into the studio. It wasn’t long before we were ready for the next outfit. That outfit presented a bit of a challenge because the pointe stilettos Christine was wearing made it impossible for her to stand unassisted. However, we managed to take some great shots using an old wooden chair the studio happened to have available. The rest of the shoot flew by. Two more wardrobe changes and we were finished. I couldn’t have been more pleased with how the shoot went. Christine was fantastic to work with, as was Vanessa.

My first shoot in LA was a grand success as far as I was concerned. And I am delighted to share the images with everyone.

Photographer: Chris Widick f @cwidickphoto

Model: Christine "IDiivil" @IDiivil

Makeup and Hair: Vanessa Renee @Beautybyvanessarene

Editor: Marissa Rogan @roganatorr

Location: FD Studio Los Angeles California

Chris Widick
Chris Widick
Photographer based in Nashville, TN, focusing on lifestyle, commercial, editorial, & glamour photography. "I am a Nashville based photographer who travels frequently."