Photography by Sal W. Hanna

Being in the right place at the right time is a benefit when shooting golden locks. McKenna's long blonde hair and soft skin glow in the afternoon sunlight through the window. As she moves around sunbathing in the light, the camera capture her glorious form.


Photographer: Sal W. Hanna

Sal W. Hanna, Found UnCovered Magazine

Model: McKenna

Location: TNO Events Mansion Party in Woodland Hills, California

Sal W. Hanna
Sal W. Hanna
Sal W. Hanna is the Founder of UnCovered Magazine and drives the concepts, style and marketing behind the brand. As UnCovered has grown, so has Sal's work in the fashionable nude scene. He found a way to incorporate his unique style to meet the fashion genre and cross over with a boudoir feel. He has developed a hybrid of glamour, boudoir, and fashion with a touch East Coast flare that was influenced by West Coast dynamics. This unique style is what has set his work apart from others and why he is respected by many in the industry.