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February 27, 2018
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April 8, 2018

“The ground gives strength to my stance. Many a time, my whole body lay in its hands”

A quote from my first book; Empowered. My name is Amy Brandstetter. I’m 35 years old. I am the mother of two beautiful children. My son is 15 and my daughter is 11. I’ve been married, divorced and remarried. My first husband gave me the title of being the “survivor of Domestic Violence”. There was six years of my life, where I was grateful for each new breath. Each new day. For more reasons than to just to be thankful for this beautiful life I’m living. I’ve never been one to feel sorry for myself. I take strengths from hardships endured! Im only interested in growing, learning and building myself and the people around me, up.

I grew up on a farm. My parents had 5 daughters and no sons. Basically, I always tried to impress them with my "I can do that" attitude. A really firm handshake and eye contact are extremely important to me. Presentation is everything. Effort is everything. I worked in the labor industry till my mid 20's to then go on to taking the service industry by storm. A little horn tooting here! I was really, really good! I ended up managing other people’s establishments and increasing there sales substantially, always, however; to make the same pay myself. I made great motivations in the industry and not to mention, great friends that still to this day come and visit.

In 2012 I started Sedaz Lingerie. My pride and joy! Check it out online. It really is beautiful. I love to make people feel gorgeous, help them to love, accept and appreciate themselves. To me, there really is no better feeling then helping someone in such an intimate way. It's through Sedaz Lingerie that I have done several huge fashion shows, raising money with each one for different causes and issues in my community as well as in the province. Domestic abuse, cancer research, local families with sick children as well as our local animal shelter are just a few of the examples. I will never be a rich woman. I love to give and at times its left me cold with the shirt off of my back but, I will never regret anything that has come my way. In the last few years I’ve dabbled with some co-productions in New York, as well as some other places to grow my business. I’ve done a lot in regards to having other people model the product I sell. Being on more of a director, co-ordinator stand point. I love to create my own visuals for everything that I am passionate about. After some time, I realized it wasn’t generating any more sales for my business and was bleeding me dry, in a sense. The moment I decided to model for myself, I saw an immediate change. I was getting more exposure. More sales for my online business as well as in store. I am an extremely personable being, and people loved that. I loved that.

It has been two years now, since I've really been focusing a lot of my energy teaching myself "It is none of your business what people think of you." I'm loud. I am intense. Extreme. Aggressively assertive. I am an artist. I love to create visually stimulating pieces of art, using my body. I love to write poetry. I love to sing and draw. I love design, computer graphics, photography. I love to make things that people can see, hear and most important of all, feel. I’ve just finished my second book! Its called “Totem” I am beside myself, proud and excited to hold a copy of it in my hands. It will be releasing at the end of January. This book delves into the deepest parts of myself. What I’ve endured and how its shaped who I am. A beautiful coffee table book with my poetry and artistic nudes! I can’t wait!!!

I am Intense.

My heart is too big. I feed off of feeding those around me love, confidence and above all else, the power to love ones self. I flirt. With everyone. Men, woman, children. Anyone that I come into contact with that I feel kindness from. My relationships aren't like most peoples. When I say words, I mean every single one. I turn myself inside out for love. Regardless if it is sexual or a friendship. It means everything to me. My connections run deep. I am from a very small town. People either are empowered by me, love me, motivated through me, or they detest me. Negativity is exhausting. It is terrible. I try extremely hard not to judge people. You have no idea what kind of trials and tribulations have been on their journey. What has shaped them into the form they are today. The only question that comes to my mind, is this. Are they kind? That is all that really matters to me. I’ll continue on the path that keeps me staying true to myself.

“I feel People”

Amy Brandstetter


Photographer: Guilherme Fernandez

"Guilherme is known for his vivid artistic talent in the photography industry. His ability and passion to capture creative beauty is a talent that goes unnoticed. The Brazilian photographer is acknowledged, by many for his original and imaginative flairs. Guilherme discovers inspiration for his work daily as he explores and immerses himself into Carioca’s urban spaces. It goes without mentioning that his passion for modern editorial photography combined with his artistic ability makes for a seamless combination for remarkable work.

Gui Fernandez's Instagram

Model: Amy Brandstetter

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Photography by Guilherme Fernandez