Eliya Aceta by Stefano Brunesci
August 26, 2017
Mina Salome
September 20, 2017

Photography by Ruben Marin

Amelia Perez-Lugo

Amelia Perez-Lugo was born on the northern coastal valley of Bayamón Puerto Rico. She grew up in a humble home full of love, surrounded by the beauty of paradise. Amelia competed in one of the islands most elite model searches at the age of 17. Her peers described her as shy and quiet but she took to the stage with a strong, fierce presence coming in second place. Thus her love and passion for modeling emerged. Upon completing her studies in the University of Puerto Rico Amelia move to New York to purse a career in fashion modeling. Since then she has met and collaborated with an array of creatives. In her free time she enjoys going to the beach, hiking, yoga, live music, snapping pictures and spending time with loved ones. When asked what is next she responded, "I'm looking to take my career to new heights. Whether it be with an agency or freelancing. The goal being to build a strong brand and platform for professional and spiritual growth. In short: to live life with an open heart and continue to do what I love."
Ruben Marin
Ruben Marin
I’ve been studying and practicing photography since 2007. It’s an endless and beautiful creative journey to express, inspire, and exercise inspirations as they come. I always loved creating and photography allows me to express myself and it continues to make me a very happy individual.