Camper Caper – Sweaters & Secrets

This is a set from the first time I worked with Danamarie Julianna and Sasha together.  

They are both extremely talented models, with exceptional posing and acting abilities.

These talents and skills go along quite well with their amazing and exotic looks.

The title of the set is a clue to this story.  The campers are the location.  

The sweaters are the attire.  The secrets are unknown.  

The photos tell much of the story.  

Some stories tell tales from start to finish, while some of the best stories leave something to the imagination.

Thank you for viewing, we hope you enjoyed it.


       Danamarie Julianna   –   Danamarie Julianna’s page

       Sasha  –  Sasha’s page and Sasha’s Model Mayhem page


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Retro in the Valley

Zuri Deva


Zuri Deva is a force. A model well worth shooting day in and day out. She originates from St. Louis, Missouri, and has been modeling for over six years.

Based out of Los Angeles now after a recent move from Phoenix, Arizona, Zuri avidly shoots creative and amazing sets with talented photographers.

Keep an eye on this jaw dropping model, and in the meantime enjoy this retro color-centric set by Shantia. We’re sure there will be more from her soon!

Model: Zuri Deva

MUAH: Danielle Gary

Photo: Shaun Tia Photography