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South Africa’s Stunning Nikki Venter

Photographer: Patrick Lemmens

“I love taking care of animals, it is one of my big dreams to become a veterinarian.”

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How did you get into the modeling industry:

I decided to do a shoot with one of my photographer friends, as I’ve always been interested in becoming a model, after that I just worked very hard in social media to get people to see me and my work. Modeling is definitely my biggest passion, I love being in front of a camera! Make-up and styling is another passion of mine…

I’ve been in a few very well-known magazines as well as online magazines. I’ve worked with some of the best photographers from all over the world. I’ve also had the opportunity to win several beauty pageants.

“Women and girls all over the world look up at me as a role model and that makes me really proud!”


What else should we know about you or your work:

I love what I do! Nothing comes close to that feeling of just entirely losing yourself and just forgetting about everything…that’s what happens when I shoot, there is no way to describe that feeling and I really wouldn’t want to leave it for anything in the world.


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Model: Nikki Venter

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Photographer: Patrick Lemmens

Johannesburg, South Africa